Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hello all!

Hello everyone!

Time for a quick update. The grade 5s are cruising along and improving each and every day. Whether we are working on improving our collaborative skills, our perseverance or our language and math skills, we are focused and improving our mind-set each day and it is a fantastic thing to see. We are getting closer and closer to the Christmas Break and a well-earned two week vacation from school. Hopefully not everyone forgets everything they have learned and maybe even take advantage of the opportunity to knit or crochet some gifts for some less-fortunate people in our Ottawa community!

In Math - we are continuing our work with telling time and elapsed time. It is a challenge topic but we are making our way through it. I anticipate a small quiz recapping it all early next week, but we will review plenty in class leading up to it. Then we will move into some Patterning!

In Language - we are continuing building our writing skills by writing longer blog posts and incorporating descriptive writing, dialogue, editing and revising skills to a longer (3 paragraph) writing piece. We will be looking to work on some reading comprehension strategies as well and do a standardized assessment in the form of a CASI to see where we should focus our attention specifically after the Holidays.

In Social Justice - we will be spending each Wednesday afternoon (and many recesses) continuing developing our knitting and crocheting skills in order to make different items for CHEO and for those in our community that could use a little home-made knitting love. It is absolutely incredible seeing how each and every student, boy and girl, take this challenge on and make some incredible pieces! Parents, I encourage you to ask your children to show you and perhaps learn from them, they are pretty fantastic already and it is such a great life skill and a great way to unwind from a stressful day. I have been doing it at home myself!

St. Gabriel is back into the St. Gabriel clothing market. If you are interested in buying some St Gabriel apparel look at the attached flier!

St. Gabriel Clothing

I think that's all for this week!

Have a great week.

Mr. M

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 6th - 10th

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing great.

Parents: I am looking forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday night for parent-teacher interviews as well as many others outside of the Interview night. If you would like to contact me concerning your child, please do not hesitate to email me and we can set something up. I am getting to know each and everyone of these little people in our room better and better each day and I am happy to see more and more personalities emerging.

In Math: We are continuing on with our Measurement Strand. We are currently tackling the idea of converting our metric units and using them to learn about perimeter. The students are undertaking this difficult challenge very well and with open arms and it is fantastic to see. I am looking at doing another assessment next week, probably mid-week, to wrap up our measurement unit.

In Language: We are finishing up our GRA Project with the Wild Robot. We are finishing the last few chapters and then discussing our thoughts and looking at the author's thoughts on writing the book and the struggles and difficulty he faced in the years it took to write this wonderful book.

We will be moving on to our first major writing project coming soon. More information to come soon!

Events coming soon!
Our Remembrance Day Ceremony is coming up on Friday, November 10th.

Thanks and have a great week!

Mr. M

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October 23-27

Hello there,

Sorry for the slightly delayed blog post. It has been an incredibly busy start to the week in our class and it has been fantastic to see how the students have contributed to the past two activities. We will be posting pictures and report on the activities. We have contacted a class in the USA, from Jonesboro, Arkansas and will continue to have contact with them over Google Hangout and various other online platforms and collaborate concerning our GRA Project, the Wild Robot.

We built miniature "lodges" for our robots that we created last week as well and they look fabulous. Again, pictures to follow soon when completely finished.

Math: We are continuing on with our introduction to measurement. We are practicing using our rulers and being very very accurate and at the same time looking at perimeter of different objects. Tests from last week will be coming home soon. Reassessments are always welcomed after the students have spent some time mastering their areas of need.

Language: We are continuing to read The Wild Robot and look at comprehension strategies as well as working on our predicting skills. We will be starting to look at different aspects of the book and introducing different applications of showing our knowledge on different aspects of the book. It is going to get very engaging and interesting soon.

Events coming up: Hallowe'en Dance on Friday after school.

Have a great week!

Mr. M

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October 16th- October 20th

Hello all!

I'm back where I belong. After a week away in Cape Breton, I am excited and energized to be back in the classroom with all of these wonderful students. I am glad to report that behaviour as at a respectful high for our students with Mr. Grant and he asked to come back anytime, so this is a great sign that our class acted as they should, for which I am not surprised and very thankful.

IEPs - Those students with IEPs will be receiving theirs today and will be asked to look over them with their parents and return the signed portion back to their homeroom teacher.

Hat Day - Friday will be Hat Day so if students want to wear their special or not-so-special hat all day in school without teachers taking them away, they need to bring a donation for our United Way Campaign.

Math - As stated last week in the Blog and by our supply teacher, Wednesday is our Math Assessment Day. We will be looking to wrap up our first and very important unit of Number Sense. We will then be moving onto Measurement and Perimeter and looking to do some interesting and engaging Robotics with our Measurement strand. As a reminder to all students and parents, if a student is unhappy with their grade in the upcoming test and wishes to have a re-assessment they are more than welcome to. However, they need to fill out the Google Form that is attached on the Blog and tell me what skill they would like have a re-assessment and what work they have done to improve their skill. Again, we are placing that Responsibility on the student to take ownership of their learning.

Language - We are continuing this week with GRA project and loving our book The Wild Robot. We are hoping to connect with another class somewhere in the world this week and discuss the book and what we are learning from it. We are learning a lot about Nature, which is fun and engaging for all of us.

I am also not posting a Blog post this week so that students who are falling behind can use this time to catch up. There will not be class time devoted to it so students are encouraged to spend extra time at home and at school to complete their 5 posts. There are some students who have no posts and some with 5 and everywhere in between. With Progress Reports coming home soon, this will be reflected in Learning Skills and Language Marks.

Have a great week everyone!

Mr. M

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week of October 10th - 13th

Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that this week I will not be in class. As many of you may know or may not know, I am a musician as well as a teacher. My wife and I play as a Celtic Duet and have been doing many festivals all over the place in the summer and again, for this week. We will be travelling to Cape Breton for Celtic Colours Music Festival. I am both happy and unhappy at the same time. It is a great festival but I will be thinking of our class the whole time. I will be in regularly contact with my supply teacher, James Grant, as well as my teaching partners, Mme Boyer, Mrs Swan and Mrs Dandurand to hear the goings on. Please feel free to continue to email me with concerns or questions and I will still get back to you as soon as possible.

This week:

We are looking to wrap our important and lengthy Number Sense unit this week. Our students will be doing their adding and subtracting of decimals, looking over ordering of numbers (greater than or less than) as well as plotting numbers on a number line. On Friday, they will start their Review our first UNIT TEST on Wednesday, October 18th. The Students will be reminded to take their notebooks and duotangs home over the weekend to practice or look over anything they believe they need to work on.

We will be continuing on with our Global Read Aloud Project this week. Reading from our great novel, The Wild Robot. We will be connecting with another classroom next week in a fun Mystery Skype Challenge and then continuing to connect with them in different ways to discuss our thoughts on the book. This is a great way to connect to other students of a similar age in a different country to hear their thoughts and share our knowledge and learning.

We will take this week of from our Blogs so that students who have fallen behind in their posts can catch up. Students should now have FIVE blog posts on their Kidblog accounts as well as FIVE pieces of writing in their Language Folders in their Google Drive.

Hope you have a fantastic week and see you next week!

Mr. M

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September 25th - 29th


Sorry for the slightly late post.

It's been a great first few weeks in our classes. We are quickly settling into our routines and our new learning environment digs and enjoying the flexibility that we are so lucky to have. As well as enjoying the air conditioning inside the school.

Really getting into the nitty gritty with our curriculum. Moving on in math in our number sense unit to tackle decimals and incorporating what we just learned about place value to our decimals places as well as looking at our writing and improving our pieces through careful editing.

Math: Decimals and Place Value and Adding and Subtracting with Decimals
Looking at the Decimal Places and seeing how they fit into our number system. That decimals are parts of wholes and where we can locate them on the number line.

Language: Blogging and working on Grammar
This week we are focusing our efforts on improving our grammar when it comes to quotation marks. We have studied capitalization, punctuation and adjectives and now using all of that as well as using quotation marks to enhance the reading experience of our readers.

Important Dates to Remember this Week:

Sept 28We are looking for a few volunteers to come with our class. Please email me if you are interested! We leave Thursday morning!Terry Fox
Sept 29thPicture Day
Have a great week!

Mr. M

Monday, September 18, 2017

Third Week of School

What a busy week we've had at school. Our blogs are up and running! If you haven't had a chance to visit, please do so. Feel free to share the link with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. Our students are very talented, and love to share their work. Remember kids, the more you read, the better writer you will become. Take some time to read each other's work, and provide quality comments. 

The kidblog link can be found on the right, here it is if you'd like to copy and share it with family.

Morning Class

Afternoon Class

In Math, we've been working on representing whole and decimal numbers in pictures (base ten blocks), numbers, expanded, and words.   We've also learned strategies to comparing decimal numbers. This week, we will begin rounding decimal numbers as well.
Before you know it, within the next 2 weeks, we will have our first unit test.   You can also prepare for the test by working on the links provided in the Place Value tab at the top of this blog. 

What's Up This Week?

Wednesday, September 20th Pizza Supper / Open House : I am really looking forward to meeting all the parents and families. 

5:00-6:00 Pizza Supper (served in the gym)
6:00-7:00 Classroom Visits - It will be a different setup this year. I will be having two separate information sessions for parents to visit and listen to a small explanation of our expectations in grade 5 and a quick tour of our classroom. There will not be an opportunity to talk independently this year. If you have any concerns please contact me to setup a meeting. 

I'd like to welcome Ethan Dauncey to our class. Ethan is a university student studying Biology and is looking to get into teaching next year and is looking to see how the classroom works on a day-to-day basis. Many of you might know his mother, Mrs Sue Dauncey, the wonderfully talented and greatly missed teacher at St. Gabriel. He will generously donate his time, to visit our class every Wednesday morning. We are truly blessed with great support and lucky to have him as part of our team.

Reminder: Many, many forms went home on Friday.  Please complete them and return them to school as soon as possible.
Activity Fee: $30 (payable online, cash or cheque)
Media Release...to sign
Personal Info....update and sign

Thanks and have a great week!

Mr. M